Bernie Sanders’ Hypocrisy and the Next Chernobyl

The Hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders in an AOC Photo

John Nacion /
John Nacion /

Bernie Sanders is always hypocritical, but he’s not always caught.

AOC recently shared a photo that puts the democratic socialist’s hypocrisy on display for all to see.

Find out what happened.

Biden’s Plans to Replace the US Dollar 

Rumor has it that Biden will try to replace the dollar. But with a trackable spyware version? 

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Train Derailment Leads to Toxic Nightmare

DariaZ /
DariaZ /

A train recently derailed in Ohio, leading to a toxic nightmare that has been seen and felt much further than the crash itself.

Now, find out why some are calling it Chernobyl 2.0.

Get the details.