Biden Promised an End to the Fentanyl Crisis. Surprise! It’s Getting Worse

Mark Youso /
Mark Youso /

Fentanyl is everywhere. And we already know where it’s coming from – the southern border that has practically been abandoned by the Biden administration. It’s hard to believe that Kamala Harris is still working to find the root cause of the immigration problem.

Oh, but President Biden promised that he would end the fentanyl crisis.

It’s not surprising that the problem has only been getting worse over the past year. The man is incapable of doing anything. If he can’t even walk down the stairs of Air Force One, we can’t possibly expect him to tackle a drug crisis.

Virtually every state has fentanyl headlines – overdoses, busts, and new ways that the drug is being introduced to people.

On Biden’s campaign website, he and his team talked about how the flow of fentanyl would be stemmed from even entering the country. The website lays out such strategies as:

  • Pressuring Beijing to focus on addressing illicit fentanyl production
  • Develop regional strategies in the Asia-Pacific to deal with the sources of fentanyl
  • Cooperate with Mexican authorities to disrupt the movement of fentanyl across the border
  • Enforce sanctions on international actors that engage in trafficking illicit drugs

Hmmm. Are you seeing any of this happening? It’s as if he forgot that he said these things, which isn’t really a shocker. Perhaps he did forget. Though, his campaign website is still up, so you can review his plan for yourself. His team may want to review it, too.

The border has to be shut down. It’s not just for the fentanyl, either. Our border patrol agents are overwhelmed by the amount of illegal immigration taking place.

And with the cartels sneaking so much fentanyl across to sell on the American market…well, you get the idea.

The Chief of the US Border Patrol, Raul Ortiz, tweeted one of the problems that he has encountered. “Overnight, Yuma Sector Agents encountered a migrant illegally present in the U.S. carrying 93 lbs. of Fentanyl. So far in FY23, we have seized over 476 lbs. of Fentanyl between the ports of entry along our southwest border. That’s enough to kill 100 million people.”

Wow. That should terrify you to your very core. And the Biden administration continues to argue about the border wall and the level of protection that the border needs.

At least the Republicans in the House have decided to take action by working to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. It’s clear that he has no desire to protect our border. He’s one of the reasons why there is so much fentanyl plaguing our nation.

And it’s no surprise that Biden doesn’t want to take a tougher approach with China, either. Who knows –he may end up hurting Hunter Biden’s financial deals. Biden and the rest of the administration is content to let China continue to manufacture dangerous drugs that will be sold to the cartel. They’re fine with allowing spy balloons to wander across our country, too.

So, we’ve got a president who literally doesn’t care. And his entire administration is ready to back him up every step of the way.

Meanwhile, fentanyl continues to be a problem – and with it looking like candy, many of our kids and grandkids are likely to encounter overdoses.

Great Job, Joe. Your promises mean nothing.

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