Broken Record! Liberals Once Again Say Donald Trump Will “Never Be President”

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It’s all over. The Liz Cheney January 6 Committee has referred criminal charges to the Department of Justice because President Trump did an insurrection. (Full disclosure: We didn’t even read the list of recommended charges, because we know it’s all fake.) So, that’s it. Donald Trump will Never Be President. Again.

If it feels like you’ve heard someone mention that before in the past, you have. Many times. Which probably means it’s only a matter of time before we start hearing that “the walls are closing in” and that it is “the beginning of the end” for Donald Trump.

The Conservative Treehouse had a very good take on this when the news from Liz Cheney’s soon-to-be-defunct committee. The entire mainstream media and the Democrat Party already declared Donald Trump to be an enemy of the state. And that’s why we elected him!

Most Americans have already shrugged and moved on from this latest fake news about the most popular American president since Teddy Roosevelt. We already know that Merrick Garland – a partisan hack who was thankfully kept off the Supreme Court – is going to arrest President Trump at some point in 2023. This will happen live and on camera, with CNN broadcasting it to the world.

On the one hand, this will further cement America’s descent into Third World banana republic territory. On the other – and it always amazes us that the Democrats don’t see this coming – it will make a martyr of President Trump and only increase his chances of reelection in 2024. If anyone thinks that this fake news is going to be the end of Donald Trump, let’s review some of the previous ridiculous attempts to get rid of him.

Trump was impeached for a phone call with the president of Ukraine. There was nothing wrong with that phone call, obviously. The shocking part was that the Deep State spied on Trump’s phone call and released it to the world. That attempt was a failure.

Trump was impeached again for supposedly fomenting an “insurrection” with no firearms. Mitch McConnell repeated this lie again this week, stating, “We all know who was responsible for January 6th.” That attempt was also a failure. (Oddly, McConnell voted against that impeachment when he thought the political winds were in his favor.)

But even prior to that, there were just so many fake news “scandals” that were supposed to be the beginning of the end for Trump.

After his first state dinner, CNN breathlessly reported that all the dinner guests got one scoop of ice cream for dessert. But President Trump got TWO SCOOPS. He was lucky to dodge another impeachment there.
When the president bragged that his 5-year-old grandson Jacob had assembled a LEGO White House replica all by himself, The Atlantic magazine dispatched a team – a team! – of reporters to see whether Trump was lying. “Did 5-year-old Jacob Trump REALLY assemble that LEGO White House replica by himself? Did he?!” Somehow, Trump’s political career survived that scandal.

How about Stormy Daniels, the porn starlet who claimed she had successfully extorted money from Trump ahead of the 2016 election? In 2022, Stormy finally admitted in court and under oath that she never slept with Donald Trump back in 2006 like she had claimed all along. (How stupid was Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to pay her off in the first place?) Not even Stormy’s fake allegations were able to stop the Trump Train back in 2016.

This is why most Trump supporters didn’t even take the time to yawn or blink after the Liz Cheney Committee made its big announcement. We can already write the script. Trump’s enemies lied and the whole case will fall apart, and then we’ll elect Trump for a third time in a landslide in 2024.