Democratic Strategists Already Slamming the Panic Button on the Midterms

With about seven months to go until the 2022 midterm elections, the Democrats have already reached out to slam down on the panic button. The writing is on the wall about progressive politics. Americans aren’t seeing the results from their elected officials that they had hoped for, and their faith in those running this country is plummeting like a lead balloon.

Much the same, Biden’s poll numbers are doing the same thing. A new NBC News poll shows just how dire it is for the Dems. With only 40% approving of how he is handling things, only 16% were strongly approving. 53% believe the US is on a rapid decline, and 38% are looking at Biden as the cause for the rapid inflation. With only a 3.1% margin of error, this poll is not good for them.

Serving as a measuring stick for how Americans are seeing their party, the left has a lot to worry about. Americans don’t see their progressive policies or socialist agenda as something they can rely on. The truth of how bad he has been for the economy is starting to hit people where it counts, in their wallets. With gas, food, housing, real estate, and nearly every other good or service costing more, many Americans are being forced to decide between paying their light bill or getting their kids food. Wages cannot keep up with the inflation and increasing their wages to keep pace just furthers that inflation as the cost is paid somewhere down the line.

Americans are looking to make a change. They already learned their lesson by putting Biden into office, and by electing so many of the left to local government. With the midterms coming up, it’s time for them to dust off the red tie and come back over to the winning side. The independent swing voters make up a large population of voting Americans. With no clear allegiance, they can be swayed by poor decision-making, and the progressives are giving them nothing but reasons to vote conservatively.

Strategists for the Democrats have started making plans but are in a panic. One anonymous strategist recently spoke out about the situation with The Hill. “It’s bad. You have an energy crisis that’s paralyzing, and inflation is at a 40-year high and we’re heading into a recession. The problem is simple. The American people have lost confidence in him…Everyone needs to come to terms with the reality that we’re going to get slaughtered in November. That’s a fact. His polling has gotten worse, not better. It’s indicative of the fact that people have lost confidence in his leadership. There’s nothing they’re going to be able to do.”

When Americans lose faith in the leading figure their confidence is rattled down to the local level. Minus people who have distanced themselves from the progressive agenda like Sen. Manchin (D-WV) and Sinema (D-AZ) (who aren’t up for re-lection until 2024), the rest of the pack faces a real uphill battle.

Smaller grassroots messages and actively listening to the people are their only hopes to keep their positions or gain any ground. The problem is that the Democrats will only pander to those who will follow along with their progressive agenda directly. If you aren’t following the piper, they won’t help your campaign, and they certainly won’t promote your message. So for those looking to break away, they are on their own and drowned out by those with the bigger backing.

This gives the right a great opportunity to swoop in and take many of these elections. Being able to take this country back from the progressive hell it has become should be one of the highest priorities for any conservative. These liberals have been poisoning our Nation and kids for far too long. Come November, they will realize that they had every reason in the world to panic this early.