Forget President…Biden is Apparently Now the “Champion” of Our Nation

Isaac Hoops /
Isaac Hoops /

It’s impossible to know what to expect when both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden show up for an event. Neither one of them are capable of comprehensible speech.

The VP is known for her word salads. Meanwhile, Biden typically doesn’t even know what day of the week it is.

The Golden State Warriors visited the White House to receive a congratulatory message from the administration as a result of their 2022 NBA finals victory.

Harris chose to introduce Biden not as the president. Instead, she called him “the champion of our nation.” She makes it sound as though he’s some sort of prized fighter ready to jump into the ring. Instead, we get a feeble-bodied man approaching the podium.

It’s as if Harris felt as though she needed to make Biden sound more impressive than Steph Curry. She introduced the player as a two-time MVP as well as a four-time NBA champion.

How could Biden possibly look good after that? Oh, wait…how about a new title?

At least she didn’t start cackling immediately after saying it, so there’s that.

As if Biden getting a new title isn’t enough, we also have Biden mispronouncing the name of his VP.

And you see Harris immediately prickle when he says it. Watch here:

Keep in mind, during the 2020 presidential campaign trail, it was considered “racist” if you didn’t pronounce Kamala right.

These two are definitely an interesting duo, but they most certainly should not be leading our country. We have to do better for 2024.