Is the Government Sneaking mRNA Gene-Editing Tech into ALL Childhood Vaccines?

Tatevosian Yana /
Tatevosian Yana /

The medical community in this country has completely squandered the public trust during the pandemic and vaccine rollout. It turns out that lying to the public repeatedly about every aspect of the coronavirus, then lying about every aspect of the “safe and effective” shots that they invented in record time, and getting caught lying over and over and over again has an impact on people’s behavior. For example, routine vaccination rates for children are now plummeting.

Why? Probably because public health officials and the vaccine companies squandered all their goodwill. The vaccination rate for routine vaccinations – not the mRNA shots, but the regular vaccines like mumps and chickenpox – has plummeted by 15%.

And parents may have a good reason for that. The vaccine makers have said repeatedly that they want to inject their mRNA gene-editing technology into every human, whether they want it or not. We know the shots are dangerous because we see all the kids and young, healthy athletic folks doing the Fauci Flop and dying suddenly. We all know why this is happening.

According to new findings from biotech analyst Kari Cason, the vaccine makers are operating under new standards which require no scrutiny whatsoever. Former HHS Secretary Alex Azar waived all standards on safety and efficacy for ALL vaccines in 2020 – not just the experimental COVID shots.

This means that the vaccine companies could theoretically be putting anything they want into regular vaccines like the chickenpox or polio vaccines. They could even be putting mRNA tech into those shots because there’s now zero oversight over the Big Pharma companies as a result of Azar’s rule changes.

They can change the contents of any vaccine now without telling anyone, and their ingredients are secret. Oh, and you can’t ever sue them if the shots hurt you. Are they slipping mRNA technology into all the other vaccines? 15% of parents seem to think so.

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