Killing Illegal Aliens Because of Trespassing and Catholic Students Standing Up for Gender Reality

AZ Rancher Allegedly Killed a Trespassing Illegal Alien

David Gilder /
David Gilder /

One Arizona rancher is facing serious legal woes…all because he defended his property.

Find out what happened when an illegal alien trespassed.

Nerve Pain? Find Out How to Turn It Off! 

Nerve pain can be super annoying. Luckily, there’s an easy way to simply turn it off.

Find out all about it here. 

Believe in More Than 2 Genders? Students Could Face Expulsion

ChristianChan /
ChristianChan /

The liberal agenda is confusing everyone.

Are there two genders…or more?

One Catholic student believes in only two, and now they could be in big trouble. Get the whole story!