Despite a Lack of Handguns Teens Are Still Being Murdered in Toronto

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Our friendly neighbors to the North have been frequently described as the country the American people should try to emulate themselves after. For the liberals, the past anti-gun laws instituted by the Canadian government were a thing of beauty. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau banned the sale and transfer of firearms in 2022, liberals applauded. They saw this as proof that limiting guns were making a difference and that their eventual removal would prove to be a solution.

However, at the tail end of 2022, the PM tried doubling down on this by banning numerous shotguns and rifles used by indigenous Canadians and hunters. Showing intelligence their PM lacks, thus far, the Parliament has prevented any of that from going forward but is still supporting his crusade against handguns. This mission has failed since the outset, as people who want to commit violence still find a way to do it.

On March 25th, 16-year-old Toronto resident Gabriel Magalhaes became the latest Canadian to prove this logical fallacy.

Sitting on a bench at the TTC’s Keele subway station just before 9 pm on the lower level of the station, he was approached by 22-year-old Jordan O’Brien-Tobin and stabbed to death. According to the police, there was no provocation before the attack. Magalhaes now marks the 12th homicide in Toronto this year.

In response to what the TTC called a “terrible incident,” they issued a statement to the loved ones of the victim. “Like everyone, we are concerned and saddened by this attack and we take incidents like these extremely seriously. The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we will continue to work with Toronto Police Services as they investigate.”

Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie offered her support as well. “The TTC has to be a safe place for all riders and transit workers — we can accept nothing less. I support the work the TTC, Toronto police, and city staff are doing to implement additional safety measures funded by Toronto City Council in the 2023 budget including the hiring of 50 new special constables.”

Violence like this has been plaguing the TTC with both riders and workers being targeted. Within the last year alone people have been stabbed, pushed in front of trains, lit on fire, and swarmed at various TTC locations. It’s not just exclusive to Toronto either. Back in January the Amalgamated Transit Union Canada spoke as the voice of its 35,000 members, declaring the emergent need for the creation of a national task force to fix the rail problems across the country.

In mid-March, the Toronto police announced their plans for extra patrols on city transit. With over 80 extra officers already working OT in various shifts across the TTC back in January, they just weren’t enough. People across Toronto declared that the police are lacking an understanding of the problem, and should instead be putting that work into local based support systems. They believed more shelters and housing would be the difference maker the city needed.

The problem is these attacks weren’t just conducted by the homeless. They weren’t just gangs. They weren’t simple assaults. This is a complex issue, and more good eyes and hands-on sight would have made a larger difference. Then again, allowing your residents to easily procure and conceal a handgun can also make a big difference. It’s not a very complex idea.

As Canada is proving, the place most likely to be hit with an assault or armed attack is a place where someone else is likely to be carrying a weapon. This is what’s called selective targeting, and looking for something called a soft target is the most effective form of it. If it’s easy to destroy it’s soft, and if it’s soft you have the best likelihood of walking away unscathed. These assailants know this, so why is it so hard for liberals like PM Trudeau and President Biden to understand this proven and simple concept?

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