Loaded Gun in Democratic Lawmaker’s Bag — Rules Don’t Apply to Him?

There are always different rules for Democratic leaders than for everyone else. We saw it with the mask mandates – particularly in California. Now, we see it with a loaded gun.

Obviously, we know that we cannot fly anywhere with a loaded gun. It’s simply against the rules.

Well, unless you’re a Democratic lawmaker in the most hypocritical state of the union – California.

Jim Cooper, a California Assemblymember, decided that he was going to take a trip. And when he packed up his luggage, he thought it was a good idea to pack a loaded gun. Anyone who knows about packing firearms knows that they have to be in lockable cases – and the ammo cannot already be loaded into the gun.

Who does Cooper think he is, anyway? Did he have a gun and a cannoli on the bed when he was packing and choose to take the gun? He should have taken the cannoli.

Officials with TSA confiscated the gun and contacted the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. They held the gun until Cooper returned from his trip.

Now, what does Cooper have to say about this? His office explained that Cooper is a retired law enforcement officer and that he accidentally brought the bag that contained a loaded firearm through airport security.

Accidentally? How does anyone who is a former law enforcement officer do something like that accidentally? No one should be that careless with their gun. The fact that it was loaded is what raises the most flags. It may have been an oversight if an unloaded gun was in the bag – but that was loaded. I guess we should be thankful that the safety was on – otherwise, this would have been a much different story.

This little “oops” may come back to haunt him. He’s currently running for Sacramento sheriff. However, people get a little nervous around guns – especially a bunch of liberals who have never held a gun before. No one wants to know that their sheriff is running around breaking rules – like trying to take loaded guns on planes with them.

Cooper has been asked for interviews to explain what happened. The Democrat based in Elk Grove had no comments. Even when there was a brief interview outside of Assembly chambers, he said that he was fully within his rights to carry the gun as a retired law enforcement officer.

That’s not exactly true, though.

Currently-serving law enforcement officers can carry a loaded firearm on a plane, but there’s still an asterisk to that, too. There has to be a reason for them to be armed, and they have to be duly accredited.

Cooper broke the law. The firearm wasn’t inside of a locked container, and it wasn’t declared at check-in. The fact that Cooper thinks that he was within his rights is problematic. The last thing California needs is a too-big-for-his-britches sheriff walking around as though he owns the place – and that’s what people are going to assume now that Cooper has shown off his true colors.

Voters are going to think twice. They will question his judgment regarding the prohibition of bringing loaded weapons on airplanes.

It’s not like we wanted Cooper to become the Sacramento sheriff, anyway. It’s just another example of how the Democrats consistently show that they think they are above the law. It might be time for Cooper to explore California’s penal code if he is going to stay in the running.