Mainstream Media Largely Silent Following Recent Mass Shootings Carried Out by Minorities

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Two mass shootings, a week apart, have been committed by minorities here in the US. These senseless shootings have been benchmark cases for the police in the US as well as the mainstream media. In both cases, the narrative of “minorities are treated differently” has been proven to be truer than ever.

On February 15th, Anthony Dwayne McRae opened fire on two different parts of Michigan State University. In this shooting, three MSU students lay dead, and five more were left wounded. Inside the shooter’s pocket was a note that indicated that two public schools in Ewing, NJ could become targets next. However, as police closed in on him, he shot himself, and thus never went to NJ.

Precisely a week later, on February 22nd, Keith Moses turned a small section of Orlando, FL into a drawn-out mass shooting. A 20-year-old woman on Hialeah Street was the first casualty of the shooting at 11 am.

Despite the initial investigation, there was no immediate motive for the killing. Around 4 pm, a local news outlet was there reporting on the shooting. Without provocation, Moses appeared and shot both men inside the unmarked work vehicle, where one died. He then went to a home on nearby Harrington Street where he shot a 9-year-old girl who later died, as well as her mom.

In both cases, the shooters had previously been arrested on charges in 2021. And in both cases, the state decided not to pursue the charges and each of these men walked free. While Moses knew the first woman he killed, the rest of his victims were complete strangers, much like all of McRae’s. With a manifesto but no suicide note left by McRae, and no statement from Moses or his family so far, nobody knows why they decided to turn like this.

Despite these horrific shootings that have rattled their respective communities, there is minimal outcry in the mainstream media. The traditional Don Lemon cries of “He would have been killed if he was black!!” has already been disproven with Moses, as he was arrested and hauled into jail without incident. Happily sneering at the cameras, the lack of remorse was completely evident.

Yet, looking to CNN, MSNBC, USA Today, and even Fox News, all are largely silent on these cases. Unlike white mass shooters, the media is more than happy to downplay these shootings and to try and keep them on the back burner. It doesn’t fit their racially based divisive narrative.

Even the Chat GPT bot recognized this obvious division.

Being fed information with a large basis in news, the bot wrote an email about the MSU shootings for Vanderbilt University’s Peabody School. Sent out to all students and staff, the email claimed “The recent Michigan shootings are a tragic reminder of the importance of taking care of each other, particularly in the context of creating inclusive environments.” Discovered only due to the little AI disclaimer at the end, the student outrage was more about the use of AI for such a sensitive topic to the students.

What they should be even more upset about is the fact that this is unadulterated proof that the mainstream media is hell-bent on pushing the narrative that it is the white many that are responsible for these mass shootings. Add in their usual message that cops are more violent with minorities, and that white privilege is what does it, and it becomes a perpetual cycle of hate.

Now with a minority being charged, the narrative has changed drastically. These mainstream media outlets will need to find another group to blame because singling out a white man just won’t work anymore. Unfortunately, they’ll never look at the left-wing policies and identify them as the real problem. God knows the writing is on the wall to pin this on them. It goes nicely with the blood on their hands.

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