New Orleans Voters Ready To Recall and Replace Democratic Mayor

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A group of New Orleans residents has had enough of Democratic Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

The “No LaToya” recall campaign has been largely successful at getting signatures. Vice Chair Eileen Carter spoke to Fox News about their efforts to remove the mayor. “Right now our mayor doesn’t love New Orleans so the citizens and the residents stood up. We’re taking our city back, and we’re gonna save New Orleans… Mayor LaToya, it ain’t that we hate you. You didn’t do your job, and you’re about to be fired.”

On February 22nd, the group headed by Carter and Belton “Noonie Man” Baptiste presented a copy of the petition along with over 50,000 signatures to the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters office. With video footage of the duo unloading boxes full of signatures, it is clear that they want her gone, and they aren’t just “playing a game of strategy” like the campaign thought. Instead, they had a proper plan. With Carter having first had experience as one of the mayor’s social media workers, she has a good perspective.

Currently listed as the nation’s murder capital, the level of violence in the city has peaked at levels not seen in years. By mid-December 2022, there had been nearly 250 murders across the city. Yet, the mayor’s office has largely been silent about the violence. Unwilling to get involved in the crimes, according to Carter, Cantrell wasted no time in getting an event at a local restaurant canceled to keep them silent. In turn, she and supporters of her bill are tired of seeing the good people of New Orleans forced to live in oppression and violence.

According to a report by Fox News, the next step will be for the commission to review the signatures and the petition before announcing the next steps. For what it’s worth, Carter is optimistic about the future of her proposal. She doesn’t believe Cantrell is at all worried about doing what is right for the people of New Orleans.

Looking into their campaign to remove the mayor, they have two major problems with the mayor.

First, organizers are tired of watching their city being decimated from the inside out. Better known around NOLA as “Destroya”, the mayor has set forth to allow the gangs of the city to take over as she isn’t willing to go against them. Their funding and backdoor money have been a huge help to her campaign and doing anything about their illegal activity would require her to take an interest in the way the city operates. Doing that would be like holding a job.

Second, they take issue with Cantrell taking actions to rezone sections of NOLA to accommodate donors while forcing black businesses to close shop. With many having been in the city and at those locations for decades, she chose to put her hard-working people out of a job, and families to go on to welfare just to survive. This isn’t what she promised to the people of New Orleans when she ran for mayor, and now they have been stuck dealing with her failed policies.

Talk to long-term residents of the city and you’ll quickly learn that this isn’t anything new. For decades now, the city has been poisoned by horribly corrupt members of the city council. Elected representatives target those who don’t actively investigate their record before voting and run on failed promises that keep getting them elected. Many are tired of this same old song and dance and are willing to do whatever it takes to change it.

With a new election potentially on the horizon, many in The Big Easy are ready to see her gone, as well as the dignity to be returned to the residents and the city. It’s been missing for too long, and gutting the whole system might just fix the problem. The mayor is a great way to start, too.

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