Nonprofit Wants To Make Pedophile Training Tools Easier To Get

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The Prostasia Foundation has been enjoying non-profit status in our country for several years now. Created to prevent child sex abuse, they have been vocal about the idea of keeping kids safe. But suddenly, they are in favor of keeping the training tools for pedophiles easily accessible according to an investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF). 

With a mission statement that is centered on preventing child abuse through research, consultation, speaking up for the innocent, and being a voice for common sense laws that would help prevent this from happening according to their webpage. Yet, their actions go in the opposite direction. Instead of common sense, they advocate for better training.

Looking into their actions, DCNF uncovered their advocation for policies that would increase access to childlike sex toys and graphic fictitious child pornography. Additionally, they want to make life easier for sex offenders. In their argument, these tools help them to stave off the desire to harm a child, instead of encouraging it.

Jeremy Malcolm, founder and former executive director of Prostasia spoke with DCNF back in September about their mission. “Prostasia Foundation is a child sexual abuse prevention organization, led by survivors and experts. One of the ways that we can prevent abuse is by ensuring that mental health services are available to those who may otherwise be at risk of offending. We have zero tolerance for child sexual abuse, and have never offered any excuse to those who abuse children.”

Michael Salter, a University of New South Wales associate professor who has served as an adviser to the Australian government’s eSafety Commission in 2020 doesn’t see it like this. Instead, from his investigations into the organization, he sees their energy is focused on making child-like sex dolls and graphic cartoon child sex abuse legal and normalized.

This mindset only serves to encourage this behavior and to perfect their craft for attacking real children. If you look at any career, skillset, or even hobby you will discover that training tools come not just in hands-on action, but also in practice tools and books. These tools Prostasia think will prevent kids from getting hurt will only serve to encourage them.

Graphic novels they are advocating for are like handing pedophiles the blueprints for how to navigate a successful interaction. The sex dolls work to not only get them ready for the encounter but also can provide the tools to get their hands-on planning fully solidified. Yet, according to their website, they are harmless and being researched.

“Experts are saying that rather than reducing child sexual abuse, a ban could actually increase it by removing a victimless outlet for some people who might otherwise target a real child. Research into whether a sex doll ban would help or hinder the protection of children is currently underway. Lawmakers should await the outcomes of this research before banning these devices.”

While that statement is damning enough, their advocation for “art” and “free express” in the form of graphic child porn is horrific. They are classifying it as “ageism” and trying to state that this is not only a normal practice but should be widely accepted. In their minds, this is a good thing for people to do.

If groups like this are continued to be given such status and federal government acceptance, the more perverse and in our faces their mindsets will be. There is nothing normal about being sexually attracted to a child. There is nothing artistic about drawing sketches of a child being taken advantage of. Creativity does not exist in “how to” guidebooks for seducing children. We already have laws against child pornography and sexual contact. It’s time to regulate their training tools and ensure they are not allowed to pose a danger to kids.

As Helen Lovejoy would say: “Won’t somebody think of the children?”