North Korea Launches 4 More Cruise Missiles in Latest Tantrum of Force

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Military drills are the latest rage. With South Korea and the US conducting one in Washington DC, plus China and Russia conducting one of their own, it seems like the cool thing to do in the Northern Hemisphere. Not to be left out of the fray, North Korea and their man-baby leader Kim Jong Un had to throw a tantrum and get some attention.

This time, the attention came from the launch of four Hwasal-2 missiles near Kim Chaek City in North Hamgyong Province on February 24th. Sailing east off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in an English-translated report. The report claimed they traveled “2,000km-long [1,243-mile] elliptical and eight-shaped flight orbits for 10,208 seconds to 10,224 seconds.”

First test fired in September 2021, these weapons have been classified as “strategic” which indicated that they are designed with the intent to carry a nuclear warhead. These latest tests are designed to prove their status as a nuclear combat force, and as a test of their readiness. Practice like this ensures these forces can strengthen their “lethal nuclear counterattack capabilities against hostile forces in all directions,” according to KCNA.

Just one week prior, Kim launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, and on the 20th a pair of short-range missiles were dumped into the sea off their eastern coast, so it’s not likely he’ll be done any time soon. Instead, it seems more and more likely that Kim is preparing to ramp this aggression up even further.

With the posturing by China in its alliance with Russia, it seems more and more likely that we are heading toward WWIII. For what it’s worth, the North Koreans have been pushing for this conflict for some time, and now as China has another large ally, the timing could not be better for the hermit nation.

Military strategists have been planning for his eventual attacks, and these tests come right from that playbook. With the Russians having an alliance with China, as well as their own conflict with Ukraine that is seemingly opposed by the rest of the globe, and China’s desire to take over Taiwan, the stage has been set for another war. This time it’s not a question of if the first shot will be fired. Rather the question is when it will be fired and by who.

Given the aggression shown by the South Korean leader and the emergence of his daughter to be by his side, not only has Kim chosen her to succeed him, but it also gives the impression that he wants her to be ready to go rather quickly. This could imply that earlier reports of his health being in critical decline are accurate, it could also imply that he is ready to go down with his country, and wants his daughter to hide away, and take the reins if necessary.

For what it’s worth, Kim has shown a starkly different path than his father or grandfather as the first Dear Leader by opting to parade his wife in front of the masses regularly. He had his sister Kim Yo Jong represent the nation at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Choe Sun Hui is the first woman to serve as the country’s foreign minister too. These decisions have left many wondering about his long-term plans but have done little to help the women of South Korea.

These launches are costing the country a pretty penny every time he does a launch, yet like his opulent parades, he just cannot seem to help himself. These displays of “superiority” and testing of the reliability of his forces only serve to waste more money and starve out his already impoverished people. When he inevitably kicks off WWIII it will not only become a mutually destructive event, but it will also be incredibly costly to them as a nation.

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