Ottawa Mayor and Freedom Convoy Leaders Find Common Ground To Compress Protest for the Sake of Small Business

As much as the liberal mainstream media keeps trying to vilify the January 6th protests, they put twice the effort in with the Freedom Convoy in Canada. If you listened to them alone, you would be wondering how Ottawa isn’t burned to the ground as the evil truckers invaded. This narrative could not be further from the truth.

The convoy is a group of blue-collar workers and their supporters. There aren’t riots. People aren’t looting businesses or destroying buildings. Instead, they’ve been singing the Canadian National Anthem, sharing hugs and some Tim Horton’s coffee. Even in the pouring rain, they’ve been polite, and cordial with the police as they invited them to join the fight against this overreach of PM Trudeau.

While this fight could last for ages since he refuses to give an inch, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson found himself concerned with the impacts on the people of Ottawa. So he wrote to Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich. “My overarching concern is for the safety and security of our residents, business owners, and workers in the downtown core, who are innocent collateral damage of this unprecedented national and international demonstration. Our residents are exhausted and on edge, and our small businesses impacted by your blockades are teetering on the brink of permanent closure.”

How could Lich ignore that? The last thing the Freedom Convoy wanted to do was impact the bottom lines of small business owners or the residents. While certainly there would be some impact, but not something massive that could force them to close. Of anyone in the crowd who could understand the risks of losing your livelihood, it is these truckers.

Lich replied with her own letter. In there she vowed to clear the truckers from the residential areas, and instead congregate on Parliament Hill. In the letter, she did acknowledge that the Freedom Convoy Board would need to get the truckers fully on board before the move could take place. It was scheduled to occur within 72 hours from the Sunday exchange of letters.

Giving the people proof that the Freedom Convoy is a peaceful and well-intentioned demonstration runs completely against the mainstream narrative. This isn’t accidental either. As much as Americans love to crack jokes about how polite Canadians can be (an area they joke about as well) when they are fed up, they let you know it. They’ll still be respectful and treat you well, but they want their grievances to be aired and taken seriously. Yet somehow Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to have missed that message.

Since the convoy was announced, he has stuck to his guns. Shortly before it arrived on his doorstep he doubled down on his feelings as it pertains to vaccine passports and masks. Since being in hiding he has largely remained quiet but has had limited moments where he spoke up. Like a little kid who yells from his grandparents’ window at kids who cannot see him, he says things but has no way to have any action behind them.