Rand Paul Declares We Need To Stop Treating Biden Like He Has a Cognitive Disorder, and Believes He Poses a Massive Security Risk

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has been trying to warn everybody about the Biden administration. This isn’t a new topic for him, as he has been trying to warn us about everything wrong with Biden for some years now. Things that many overlooked or saw as grandfatherly are now being recognized as risks to national security, and very troublesome for anyone who considers themselves an American.

Sen. Paul recently spoke on Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” where he let it be known exactly what kind of problems we can expect to be facing in the coming months. Problems that we as Americans should not be facing due to our President. “Well, you know, a lot of times when you’re around somebody who’s in cognitive decline, you find yourself trying to help them with a sentence, trying to help them complete it and say, oh no, that’s not what you really mean. Let me help you complete the sentence. But we shouldn’t have to do that for the commander-in-chief. And it is actually a national security risk.”

From claims we are getting ready for making a regime change and replacing Putin, to sending troops to Ukraine or responding in kind with chemical weapons, Biden is making claims that are either wildly out of context, that make zero sense, or that have the potential to get man people killed over them. Despite this, the obedient little lapdogs that make up the left are drooling over the idea of keeping that man in office and loving everything he says.

Despite their love for it though, many on the left side of the media have begun to admit that they are noticing a problem, and this is something Paul picked up on as well. “ut, you know, he lives in an alternate universe where he just says they’re not true and he didn’t say them. So, I guess you’re supposed to look the other way. But even the left-wing media is noticing these gaffes. So, I do think that it is a real problem. And there’s a humorous angle to this, but it’s really not funny.”

Given the situation in Ukraine, the ever-giving laptop of doom from Hunter, and his predilection for sniffing little girls, Biden has given the American people more than enough reasons to believe the cheese has slipped off his cracker. Yet somehow, they keep pouring support all over him and making him into the savior they never thought they would find. Almost as if most of his loudest supporters forgot how obsessed with Bernie there were just a few years ago.

Sen. Paul has been very vocal about his opposition to Biden, and the fact that it has taken over a year for anyone to truly listen to what he has to say on the subject is nothing less than insulting. As the momentum grows behind his message we can only hope more people are willing to open their ears and drop their preconceptions. The longer Biden remains in power without some real checks and balances to his slipping mind the more dangerous it becomes.

With the situation in Ukraine, the more Biden talks the more circular it becomes. He claims to support Ukraine by providing these breadcrumbs of help, but little to none of what their President is requesting. Now, America is not a charity. This nation isn’t UNICEF for armed conflicts. We don’t donate weapons and fund everything, but if they claim they need it, we can do more to help than the lip service and minimal assistance Biden has offered thus far.