Republicans Go after Biden’s Energy Policies in an Attempt to Expose His Inconsistencies

Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary is Jennifer Granholm. And she has the task of explaining why the president is destroying the energy industry. Republicans in the Senate are furious with what Biden is doing to the country. They went after Granholm for answers. But all she would tell them were a bunch of lies.

The fight started when the Republican Party asked Granholm some questions regarding the inconsistencies coming from Biden’s office. The president has declared war on the oil and gas industry. His devotion to the climate control nonsense has led him to believe that anything that burns is horrible for the earth. And that belief is what fuels his hatred for using natural resources for energy production.

Two different stories are coming from two different parts of Biden’s administration. Senators John Barrasso, Roger Marshall, and Mike Lee were the ones to question Granholm. They wanted to know what Gina McCarthy meant when she stated Biden was committed to not moving forward with additional drilling on public lands.” The problem is that Granholm had stated that Biden had opened up land for drilling.

Senator Barrasso wanted to know which advisor the president would contradict since his people are telling two different narratives. Granholm quickly responded that the president was calling for more drilling options. Barrasso was not impressed but scolded Granholm and told her that the president needed to get his story straight and communicate better.

The hypocrisy of Biden’s administration is maddening. The Daily Wire reported that “Granholm then claimed that the Biden administration has not held back domestic energy production, citing a survey by the Dallas Federal Reserve in which just 6% of oil and gas industry CEOs said that government regulations are restraining growth. Barrasso lambasted that claim at the end of his line of questioning. ‘In spite of what we’ve just heard from the Secretary, this administration has been actively discouraging and browbeating lending institutions to not loan money for this sort of thing,’ Barrasso noted, ‘so it’s very hard to produce energy when this administration has continued to put their finger down against it.’”

Granholm is a typical snotty liberal who quickly rubs her climate compliance in everyone’s face. She smeared that she drives an electric car and does not need to buy gas. Senator Marshall was pressing her regarding her knowledge of the current gas price at the pump. But since Granholm pridefully drives an electric car, she did not need to pay attention to gas prices.

But her job demands that she knows what is transpiring around the country. The Democrats live in their little world, oblivious to what is happening in real life.

Granholm is a class A liar. She was able to spout off the national gas price average but could not state the price at gas stations she passes every day. Granholm had to admit that the administration’s actions have failed to lower gas prices. All she could do was blame shift the problem to Biden’s oil embargo in place.

The fake new energy secretary could not bring herself to admit that Biden’s policies are why prices are out of control. The administration is all told to spout the same lie, so Biden looks like he is working.

Senator Marshall quickly pointed out that the people do not trust Biden’s policies. The people are not investing in energy stocks because Biden is telling one story and doing the exact opposite and strangling off the oil supply in the country.

Biden’s goal is to try and cram energy change all into one term of his presidency. The problem with his approach is that he does not have a plan to make it happen. He has not even addressed building an entirely new grid for the power sources to operate on.

Senator Lee had enough of the lies coming from Granholm. He stated that her department was engaging in things they were not even supposed to handle. His take on the issue is that if Granholm is not interested in doing her job, the entire department needs to be shut down.