Restaurants Want Another Bailout, White House Turns Their Backs

Many restaurants have struggled throughout the pandemic. They were forced to close until they could create a “contactless” solution. Some were able to thrive while others were forced to close their doors.

Even as cities changed the COVID rules, they weren’t allowed to open at full capacity. Some restaurants couldn’t allow dining inside. Others had to invest in tents and umbrellas to create outdoor seating.

Restaurants turned to innovative solutions for carryout and delivery. They offered family meals for takeout. Still, they struggled with getting staff in as many people were still enjoying the unemployment benefits being offered by the Biden administration.

Now, restaurants are asking for a federal bailout. They’ve seen other industries receive bailout after bailout.

The White House, however, won’t even hear of it. They’d rather spend money on programs that no one needs or wants. They’d rather figure out ways to help those who are not even legally supposed to be in the U.S.

If restaurants don’t get a bailout, we may see even more of them close – and the restaurant scene across the U.S. may forever be changed.

Now, congressional leaders on Capitol Hill, in conjunction with the White House, are looking to pass a final package to provide federal pandemic aid – and it may be somewhere in the ballpark of $30 billion. The question is how the money is going to be spent. The restaurant industry wants to see a piece of the action since they have been struggling to get back to a pre-COVID groove.

The White House isn’t too concerned about the restaurant industry. They have acknowledged that the virus is receding – and they’re worried that giving into what the restaurant industry wants will only inflate the package’s already high price tag.

It’s easy to see why the restaurants need the help. They’re faced with staff shortages, inflated food prices, and rent rising beyond their control.

What industries need a bailout more than the restaurant industry? Especially if $30 billion is being spent, where is it going to be spent? Because, realistically, Biden can take his N95 masks and his COVID test kits and place them where the sun doesn’t shine.

Sean Kennedy, the senior VP for public affairs with the National Restaurant Association has already had to be the bearer of bad news. “We, at this point, do not see a package coming from the White House that includes small business relief that would benefit industries like restaurants.”

That’s the problem with the liberal spending packages. They’d be more apt to bail out the banks that are making hand over fist in interest than help out the little people. The only way that the liberals would feel justified helping out small businesses is if it were for the minorities in an effort to claim “racial equity.”

Restaurants do stand a chance of recovering on their own, though. As more Democrats across the country lift mask mandates, it makes it easier for things to return to normal.

As long as people go back to work and go back out to eat, it’s a chance to recover. However, the inflation leading to a higher cost of doing business is going to be an obstacle that many restaurants simply won’t be able to overcome.

A top economic adviser from the Obama administration, Jason Furman, explained “there is virtually nothing the economy needs from the federal government.”

Hmmm…we’ll see about that. If the restaurant industry doesn’t get a bailout, no other industry should get one, either.