Squad Member Gets Married in Secret… And You’ll Never Guess Who Her Husband Is

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MonoLiza / shutterstock.com

As a so-called “squad” member, a certain degree of hypocrisy and corruption has been expected of Missouri Democratic Representative Cori Bush for some time. But now, she’s gone and done something that makes all of her beliefs look fake.

According to KSDK-TV in St. Louis, Bush just got married. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s likely for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the wedding was more than a bit secretive, occurring in a private ceremony last weekend. As NBC reported, her marriage license to Cortney Merritts was signed on February 11, just a few days before the actual wedding.

But it wasn’t until after a full week afterward that the first reporting of it was acknowledged.

But why? I mean, besides GOP Senator Josh Hawley, she’s just about the most famous politician in the state.

Well, that has everything to do with who she married.

Introducing Cortney Merritts, a US Army veteran, and personal bodyguard.

Yes, you read that right. Merritts is a personal bodyguard. You know, the kind of individual usually associated with the whole “defund the police” movement that Bush and her associates have been so against in recent years.

Now, if you remember, Bush and others made this push in 2020 and leading into 2021, claiming that police and law enforcement, in general, did more harm than good and were racist. Meanwhile, she and some of her closest colleagues maintained whole private security teams for themselves.

According to campaign records, Bush alone spent a whopping $30,000 on private security in the first quarter of 2021. Naturally, those far and wide saw this as hypocrisy. I mean, how can you knowingly try to eradicate police, often the only form of security for most Americans, and yet, employ security for yourself?

For starters, it speaks of just how narcissistic she is – to think she deserves protection more than the rest of us. And secondly, it clearly proves just how much some form of security or law enforcement is needed in our communities.

Of course, those cries against her hypocrisy did nothing to dissuade her, either from dropping her private security team or amending her calls for police to be punished. As KSDK reported, she has now spent an outrageous $627,088 on security.

Oh, and did I mention that all that was taken from her campaign funds? Oh, yeah.

Furthermore, seeing how her now-husband was part of her security team, records show that $62,359 of that went directly to him in 2022 alone. That means she was paying her then-boyfriend, which seems more than a little unethical.

Now, it’s not clear when Merritts first became an employee of Bush or when her first payments to him were made. Social media does show that Merritts accompanied Bush on several of her business trips, starting in January 2021.

Neither is clear when exactly they started their relationship. After all, I don’t think she would have wanted that news out in public any more than her wedding.

But it’s still a bit questionable, right?

Of course, she wouldn’t be the only congress member, or even squad member, to either pay for security while decrying the rights of police or paying family members for services rendered, something they had a big problem with Trump doing.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortex, Ilhan Omar, and others have all employed their own security teams over the last few years. And Omar, well, she paid her now husband for “consultation” services for months before their marriage and still pays him, in fact.

Maxine Waters even paid her daughter, son, and husband thousands for working for her at some point. Hell, according to the Los Angeles Times, her family members have made over $1 million off of her.

However, as wrong as all that sounds, nothing has ever been done about these spending habits. While paying a family member campaign funds and such is definitely against House rules, they’ve all seemingly gotten away with it because they claim to be paying fair market values for services, which apparently is reason enough for ethics rules.

So, we shouldn’t expect to hear much beyond rails against hypocrisy for Cori Bush and her new husband, either.

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