State Democrats Show True Colors as New Congressional Map Is Accepted

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis put together new congressional maps that remove the Democratic advances they made willfully cheating at elections. The governor’s bold move went to the Senate, where it was widely accepted and passed. The Democrats were dismayed to see that a single majority vote wiped out their fraudulent positions and advances. And now they sit wondering what they can do to salvage their image in the Sunshine State.

Democrats love to make a dramatic scene, as was when the vote passed approving the new congressional map. The liberals erupted in anger over their loss to the Republicans. They realized that they were a force without power in Florida. For the first time in years, they are coming to grips with the reality that people do not like Democrats and will not vote for them the more they drift away from American values.

The United States House of Representatives is made up of elected people supposed to represent the various districts around the country. The Democrats have had a slim majority for years, but now that new maps are coming out, that majority is quickly fading. And with the midterm elections coming quickly, Nancy Pelosi is feeling her seat slip out from underneath her.

The new map puts a 20-8 lead over the Democrats serving in the House. The staunch reality is that the Republicans are set to sweep the House and make Joe Biden a lame-duck president.

The Daily Wire reported that the seats in jeopardy are “seats held by Rep. Al Lawson (D-FL), Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL), Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), and potentially Rep. Val Demings (D-FL).”

The nasty toddlers representing the liberals tried to stall the vote by throwing themselves down on the floor and protesting it. They screamed that it was not fair that a new map was going to pass and that Disney would lose its special privileges for promoting the poison being spread by national Democrats.

Even with the nursery letting the Democrats out of childcare early, the Republicans could conduct business as usual and pass the bill. The Democrats hate the bill because it erases all of their supposedly hard work of taking districts with the midterms coming up.

Dave Wasserman is an analyst that keeps a close eye on the districts around the country. He noted that Republicans would gain four news seats, and the Democrats would lose their majority in the House.

Manny Diaz is the chair of the Florida Democratic Party. Diaz pouted that “It is appalling, but not surprising, that the Republican Legislature has abdicated its constitutional duty to draft and pass congressional maps to the governor. As proven by the proposed map released today, Gov. DeSantis is hell-bent on eliminating congressional seats where Florida’s minority communities have the ability to elect representatives of their choice and he is imposing his own partisan political preferences on Florida’s congressional map.”

The governor is not eliminating the liberal seat because he wants to see the House fall into Republican leadership. He is adjusting the maps to erase the controversial districts that the Democrats should have never had in the first place.

The bill also rubs salt in the Democrat’s wounds by taking Disney to the cleaners and making them pay taxes on the land they occupy. The popular theme park will now have to pay millions in taxes every year, all because they refused to follow the law passed in Florida protecting kids from adult-themed material.

Disney tried to use its influence to challenge The Parental Rights in Education Bill politically. The private business went political and now will pay the price for crossing boundaries that they should have never crossed. Disney thought they could publicly bully the state but found out that the state government held all the cards. The theme park focuses on entertainment and should have never been in politics. The Republicans taught the part leaders a valuable lesson about what it means to obey the law.