To Kamala, With Love…From Texas

lev radin /
lev radin /

No matter what your beliefs are, the holiday season is a time for giving. It’s a time for being good to your fellow man. For helping them to achieve the most they can. More than that, it’s a time of making sure that others that cannot do for themselves have things done for them. In Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott is all too happy to do that.

Gov. Abbott found a way to mark this Christmas as one of the most selfless acts he and the people of Texas could do. With thousands of new illegal immigrants arriving daily at their border with Mexico, Texas has become overrun with illegals. People like Vice President Kamala Harris have been clamoring for them to be treated better, and with Washington DC declaring themselves a sanctuary city, Abbott knew how to spread that cheer best.

Sending three buses to the Nation’s Capital, they put about 130 illegals on these comfortable buses, and only missing the bows, the drivers dropped these presents off at VP Harris’ door for her to help. With Temps plunging from 7-22 degrees, they would need quick help, too.

Speaking for Biden’s White House, Abdullah Hasan expressed President Biden’s deep displeasure at Governor’s thoughtful gift. “Governor Abbott abandoned children on the side of the road in below-freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any federal or local authorities. This was a cruel, dangerous, and shameful stunt.”

Unfortunately for Harris, Biden, and Hasan, this wasn’t a stunt at all. This is the harsh reality of their lax ideas for border security. This is what happens to the people along the borders when these illegals run across, and they have nothing. As such, the communities need to respond, and they do. From churches to government buildings for those who are caught, people ensure there is safe passage for them when the weather is horrific.

These cities stay prepared, and Harris and other sanctuary cities need to take notice. If they want that designation, they need to be prepared for the results of asking for this designation. Just like any other volunteering, you need to be prepared to be called upon. If you cannot accept that responsibility, then you need not step up. As Abbott proved, this should be about virtue signaling like the Democrats want it to be. Instead, this should be the reality of the situation, and people should be working with it.

From February 2021 til October 2022, the Biden administration alone has freed over 1.4 million illegal aliens into various towns and cities across the US. Everyone has felt the immense impacts of the economic, social, and cultural changes and costs of these new illegals. Per the latest data, every state has had at least a taste, with the Biden administration spreading the illegals across all 50 states.

This alone is amazing. Who knew that illegals would end up here, then get a free flight to Hawaii or Alaska? Incredibly, they know people that far from where they crossed, or they happen to win that kind of unique experience.

With VP Harris and President Biden not happy with her Christmas gift, they are unfortunately stuck with it. There are no refunds or exchanges on the illegals, and Gov. Abbott already has more than he can deal with. Perhaps if Biden and Harris provide them with better resources, Texas won’t need to regift nearly as many every year.