Today’s News, Friday February 3

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It’s Friday February 3,  and we’re here to deliver real news for you as a conservatist, packed with all of the real facts you need to know about including the migrants in NYC, AOC’s new role, and a possible Cold War.

Happening in Our Government

Migrants in NYC Refuse to Be Relocated

Illegal immigration has become a problem for Mayor Eric Adams of NYC. Being a sanctuary city may have seemed like a good idea in theory, but it’s coming back to bite him in the butt.

The illegal immigrants who have been living in a NYC hotel are under the impression that they have more power than they really do. Adams has secured a new home for them in Brooklyn, but it’s not up to their standards. As such, they are straight out refusing to leave. And they have a long list of demands that need to be met before they even consider the move.

With thousands of asylum seekers in the city, it’s critical that they be given sufficient shelter and healthcare. Yet, they want even more – and it’s not something that can be done. Not only is it not in the NYC budget but it’s also not something that even American citizens are getting right now.

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AOC Grabs the Leadership Spot of the House Oversight Committee

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just became a lot more powerful than she was just a few days ago. She has secured a position on the House Oversight Committee, and she couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

She will be serving as the #2 on the committee to Representative Raskin. She made sure to jump onto Twitter to thank all of the Democrats (forget about the Republicans). She has said that she’s “thrilled to get to work…”

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Ted Cruz Warns of More Classified Documents Hoarded by President Biden

Joe Biden has been caught with classified documents from his time as VP as well as his time as a Senator. And the Department of Justice has not been searching everything.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is quick to note that the University of Delaware is housing “Senate Papers” from Joe Biden. Guess what? If Biden has classified documents in his possession, then the papers from his entire 30-year career are in need of being searched.

Cruz is demanding that over 1800 boxes of documents be searched. Preferably not by Joe Biden’s own legal team, either.

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Happening in Our Country

The Military Is About to Start Prepping for WWIII

There’s a lot happening around the world right now – China, Russia, Iran, and others are not doing everything they can to maintain peace.

And Mike Pompeo, the former Department of State Secretary, has announced that the military needs to be prepping for WWIII. 

Considering that military readiness is likely not where it needs to be, we have to consider the ramifications if WWIII DID happen without us being truly ready. To even think about that should give you heart palpitations.

Pompeo feels that there will be war with China, which is what a US military general has also said in a recent memo.

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Other Happenings:

  • Trump announces that we’re on the brink of World War III. Read More.
  • PayPal may be the latest tech company to experience downsizing. Read on.
  • George Santos has stepped down from his committee assignments. Keep reading.

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Happening On Our Planet

  • North Korea is concerned that there will be a cold war coming – and possibly sooner than anyone could have otherwise predicted. Read more.
  • One Canadian province starts to decriminalize hard drugs. Read more.
  • Saudi Arabia is conducting secret executions of prisoners. Read on.

More News for You:

  • Discover US ski resorts that were built by WW2 soldiers. Read more.
  • Michael Jackson’s nephew will star in biopic about the King of Pop. Read on.
  • Former DOD Manager warns that UFOs are real. Read more.

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