Today’s News, Monday, February 6

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It’s Monday, February 6,  and we’re here to deliver real news for you as a conservatist, packed with all of the real facts you need to know about including how AOC tries to defend Ilhan Omar, how a congresswoman is gunned down, as well as a lawsuit against Kyle Rittenhouse.

Happening in Our Government

AOC Explodes Over Decision to Give Ilhan Omar the Boot, Claiming it Targets “Women of Color”

Ilhan Omar has been facing a significant amount of hate in the House of Representatives lately, but it’s not because she’s being targeted for being a woman of color. Instead, it’s because of a long list of allegations of fraud.

And the House has even voted her off of Foreign Affairs Committee.

Once this happened, it was AOC who was the loudest. She ranted about it being “disgusting” and how the Republicans have a history of targeting and being racist against Muslim Americans. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and others were quick to point out that no, Omar has been anti-semitic and anti-American, and that’s what got her the boot.

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Stay Tuned for the State of the Union Address

Biden’s State of the Union address will be on February 7 – and there will be plenty of opportunities to watch it live.

If you have no desire to hear what Biden has to say (or you’d rather watch the memes the next day), here’s another reason to tune in: the Republican response.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been chosen to provide the Republican response. As the former White House press secretary and the newly elected governor of Arkansas, Sanders is well-spoken and quite opinionated.

Kevin McCarthy made a comment about her when he made the announcement: “She is a servant-leader of true determination and conviction.”

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Republican Congresswoman is Gunned Down & Killed

Often, we only hear when there are attacks on Democrats. It’s to ensure that no one truly feels as though there’s a problem with crime. And that’s why it took so long to hear about this story…

Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour was a councilwoman for Sayreville, New Jersey. She was gunned down in her car on February 2. Multiple shots were fired, and her car crashed shortly after.

While there is a pending investigation, you’re not going to find anyone in Congress talking about this. But why?

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Happening in Our Country

Father of Rioter Sues Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old involved in the Kenosha, Wisconsin shooting, is being sued – and the lawsuit has officially decided to move forward.

Rittenhouse is being sued for the wrongful death of one of the BLM rioters – and the father of that dead rioter is the one who has filed the lawsuit, Anthony Huber.

While there were attempts by both Rittenhouse and government defendants to have the civil rights lawsuit dismissed, a US district judge has decided that the lawsuit can proceed.

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Other Happenings:

  • Schiff is suspected to get BIG endorsement in Senate race. Pelosi has conditions… Read more.
  • Navy helicopters train in Albania. Read on.
  • Facebook stock soars, despite big problems. Read more.

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Happening On Our Planet

  • Sanibel Island was a beautiful paradise. And then Hurricane Ian came along. Read more.
  • The Trade War between US and China may not end well. Read on.
  • Did the Vikings help with animal migration? Read more.

More News for You:

  • Sylvester Stallone is getting his own reality TV show. Read more.
  • Top Gun cast discusses Academy Award nominations. Read on.
  • Hawaiians mystified by flying spiral in the night sky. Read on.

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