Today’s News, Saturday February 4

Subject: Nikki Haley, Ilhan Omar, and a Capitalistic Bernie Sanders Among Other News

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It’s Saturday February 4,  and we’re here to deliver real news for you as a conservatist, packed with all of the real facts you need to know about including Nikki Haley’s run, the effort to kick Ilhan Omar out of Congress, and much more.

Happening in Our Government

Nikki Haley Will be Next to Run in 2024 Primaries

Nikki Haley is moments away from throwing her hat in the ring to run for president. She’ll be running on the Republican ticket – and she’s got quite an impressive resume to stand behind her.

A variety of sources have already confirmed Haley’s intentions. However, she didn’t want to run until she spoke to one important person: Donald Trump.

Haley said that before she made any decisions, she wanted to talk to her former boss and get his opinions.

His thoughts? She should definitely go for it. Perhaps he wanted some friendly competition?

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Is Ilhan Omar Being Kicked Out of Congress?

There have been ethics complaints against Ilhan Omar for years now. However, it seems that it’s gotten to be so significant that there has actually been a complaint filed that could get her completely kicked out of Congress.

Quite a few Republicans are behind the movement – and they believe that there’s a significant amount of criminal misconduct on her part. And the fact that her net worth grew from $45,000 in 2018 to $83 million four years later is only a small part of it.

There are accusations that involve committing marriage and immigration fraud (she married her brother) as well as committing federal student loan fraud.

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Bernie Cashes In On an Anti-Capitalism Event

Bernie Sanders loves to sit on his throne to say how capitalism is evil. And yet, the man is worth millions of dollars.

If capitalism is the devil, why is it that he’s charging for his book tour?

Yes, he has a book tour. And that’s because he just wrote a new book that will fetch him a few million in royalties. The book is titled, “It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism.” 

Sanders wants us to believe that he’s one of the regular folks like you and me. Only, we’re not writing books and charging for book tour tickets that will help us to lead a more luxurious lifestyle.

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Happening in Our Country

Megachurch Wants Members to Sign Marriage Pledge or Face Expulsion

The First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida is taking a stand on marriage and sexuality. With a church of over 3,000 members, they’re asking everyone who is a member to sign a pledge.

The pledge is to focus on “God’s standard of human sexuality,” and more specifically, it is to ensure that everyone believes that the marriage bonds are between a man and a woman.

What happens to those who refuse to sign? Well, they won’t be members any longer.

This isn’t the first time that the church has made the news, either. They tend to get themselves in trouble quite often with the way in which they view sexuality and marriage and how they condemn those who don’t follow God’s standards.

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Other Happenings:

  • COVID health emergencies could be coming to an end according to the White House. Get details.
  • Punxsutawney Phil made his prediction about winter. Check it out.
  • The Department of Energy moves forward with a new rule regarding gas stoves. Read more.

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Happening On Our Planet

  • Extinct Species…focus on conservation or use cloning DNA? Read more.
  • Is there really a Big Foot? Discover more about the supposed sightings. Read on.
  • Russia may not be complying with the treaty regarding nuclear activity. Read more.

More News for You:

  • Teachers get ready for a strike in England and Wales. Read more.
  • Italian cheesemakers help to make this cheese more popular. Read more.
  • A cyclone has killed dozens in Madagascar. Read more.

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