Today’s News, Sunday February 12

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It’s Sunday, February 12,  and we’re here to deliver real news for you as a conservatist, packed with all of the real facts you need to know about including John Fetterman, AOC’s worries about Medicare and Social Security, and more.

Happening in Our Government

John Fetterman Gets Hospitalized

It’s hard to believe it (insert sarcasm), but John Fetterman has been hospitalized while at a Senate retreat. He was actually rushed to the hospital.

Earlier in 2022, the man had a stroke – and he was slow to recover from it. For most of his Senate campaign, he was barely able to speak cohesively – and yet, Democratic voters still gave him the seat.

Vote blue no matter who, right?

And now, Fetterman is being hospitalized.

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AOC Worries About Cuts to Medicare and Social Security

Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans have promised that Medicare and Social Security will be protected. However, AOC is not so sure – and she’d rather stir up drama than accept them at their word.

According to the NY congresswoman, she believes that there haven’t been enough details shared about the GOP spending cuts and that the math “doesn’t add up.

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Cartoon of the Day:

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

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Dangerous Blackouts Are On The Rise

Ice storms, hurricanes…all sorts of things have the ability to knock out your power.

Are you prepared for what’s to come?

Happening in Our Country

Colleges Aren’t What They Used to Be

Remember when kids would enroll in college because they wanted to get a degree? Colleges and universities would prioritize learning so that students could graduate with the knowledge they needed to contribute positively within a particular industry.

Colleges have changed their priorities. Now, there are scoldings for the wrong use of pronouns and comedy shows being boycotted because they are too conservative.

And it only gets worse.

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Happening On Our Planet

    • Is Pakistan getting ready to collapse? Read more.
    • North Korea uses social media as a brainwashing tool. Read on.
    • The NYT is turning on Kamala Harris. Read more.

More News for You:

    • Chelsea Handler admits she’s crushing on a GOP politician. Read more.
    • One man took revenge on a plane. Read on.
    • Female surfer takes a stand against trans athletes. Read more.

Have the Travel Bug?

Virrage Images /
Virrage Images /

Encinitas, California has been identified as one of the top travel spots of 2023 by Forbes.

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America’s Biggest Threat In 2023

The biggest threat facing the US right now is the power grid. If there’s a blackout, do you have an emergency preparedness plan in place?

We have a solar solution for you.

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