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It’s Wednesday February 8,  and we’re here to deliver real news for you as a conservatist, packed with all of the real facts you need to know about including how the Chinese is buying up US land and how Jim Jordan is taking a stance against the laptop “disinformation.”

Happening in Our Government

If the Balloon Worried You, Wait Until You See This

The Chinese spy balloon may be the least of our worries when it comes to China. Ownership of U.S. farmland by Chinese nationals has skyrocketed in the last decade. It now amounts to 338,000 acres as of 2020, according to U.S. Agriculture Department data.

Chinese nationals have reportedly purchased 75,000 acres of U.S. farmland since 2010, according to U.S. Agriculture Department data obtained by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). 

South Dakota is now the only home of the B-21 Bomber,” South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem said on Friday. “That’s huge for both our state’s economy and our national security, but it also means that hostile countries like China are going to do whatever they can to get intelligence on that bomber.”

The governor noted that last year they had a Chinese entity purchase land near the Air Force Base in North Dakota. They claimed it was for corn processing, but there is just not enough corn nearby to justify the facility. 

The mayor of Grand Forks, North Dakota, Brandon Bochenski, was in favor of selling the land at first, but then he got a letter from the U.S. Air Force which identified the project as a counterintelligence threat, given its proximity to Grand Forks Air Force Base.

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Jim Jordan Turns Screws on Official Who Called Hunter’s Laptop Russian Disinformation

Jim Jordan, the Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairman, is challenging 51 United States intelligence veterans who signed a letter suggesting that the Hunter Biden laptop story was possibly a part of a Russian disinformation operation. 

Jordan and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Michael Turner (R-OH) wrote letters that were sent Monday to 12 of these ex-intelligence officials. CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper were two of the officials receiving letters. 

The lawmakers wrote in the letter a request for relevant documents and testimony from the House Judiciary Committee in April 2022.

“As we begin the 118th Congress, we write again to reiterate our outstanding request and ask that you immediately comply in full,” the lawmakers wrote.

The other recipients of letters were Rick Ledgett, John McLaughlin, Michael Morell, Nicholas Rasmussen, Russell Travers, Michael Vickers, Nick Shapiro, Jeremy Bash, Thomas Fingar, and Michael Hayden. 

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On April 11, 2013, President Barack Obama announced a ten-year, $100 million brain research project.

The multi-year program called Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies, or BRAIN, was created to target: premature mental decline including poor memory… the inability to maintain focus and concentration… mental fatigue… and brain fog.

Happening in Our Country

Newsom’s Wife is Exposing Elementary Students to Porn

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, has plenty of outlandish ideas for education. But his wife Jennifer may be even more dangerous – especially when she’s responsible for leading a group that is supposedly fighting sexism.

The reality is that there are films targeting K-5 students – and many of the films contain clips and images from such sites as Pornhub and BDSM.XXX.

Are you concerned? You should be.

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Have the Travel Bug?

Marathon, FL has been identified as one of the top places in the world to visit according to Forbes List of Top Travel Spots in 2023.

Cartoon of the Day

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Happening On Our Planet

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Government’s Massive $100 Million Brain Research Initiative Targets Memory Loss… 

Drug-free memory discovery yields ‘shocking’ results in clinical trial. Restores brainpower equal to those up to 15 years younger, all within 30 days. Shocking Video Reveals All…

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