Trump Proposes Contest to Build 10 Futuristic WHAT?

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With a new presidential election coming up, contenders for the Oval Office will soon be coming with all sorts of plans, promises, and agendas they will supposedly do while in office, should they win. For the already announced 2024 candidate and former President, Donald Trump, still plans to “Make America Great Again.”

But part of how he plans to do that is a bit unorthodox: to hold a contest for building ten new “Freedom cities.”

It’s part of his “Quantum Leap” plan, which includes several ideas to jumpstart innovation and development in the US again.

As he explained in a recent video release on Truth Social, America used to be the height of technological advances and infrastructure. And he’s not wrong.

At one time, this land was nothing more than beautiful forests and plains. But in the span of just a few decades, all of that changed. Our ancestors pushed their way across the nation, settling it and building new cities, roads, and communities. They installed a vast network of interstate highways, railroads, etc.

It was here that the automobile rose to such popularity. We were also the first to put a man on the moon and place satellites around the earth, creating a never before seen communication network.

But in recent decades, those advances and developments, or at least the need to create more, seem to have dried up in the United States. Instead, it’s nations like China who are taking the lead. And as a result, both our quality and standard of living have decreased dramatically.

It’s Trump’s plan to bring back that innovative mindset and the American Dream.

As I mentioned, part of that is to hold a contest in which ten new and futuristic “Freedom cities” will be developed and built on federal lands. Trump correctly pointed out that the US government owns a whopping one-third, or nearly so, of all land in the country. Naturally, a bit of this is what makes up our national parks, which Trump will not touch.

However, there are still thousands of acres that are currently unused for anything. What if we took just a very small portion of that, as Trump says, “just a fraction (of) one-half of one percent,” and used it to create jobs, homes, and entire cities for our growing population?

According to Trump, this could begin a whole new era, one in which America got its “boldness,” “imagination,” and the “American Dream” back.

And speaking of growing populations… Trump would also like to create incentives for young families to have babies. According to him, should he be elected again, he will ask congress to implement “baby bonuses” for young parents, encouraging another baby boom.

Of course, that’s not all Trump has in mind. He’d also like to encourage a race to develop flying cars. Yes, just like in “The Jetsons,” Trump wants to see America spearhead the race for “air mobility.” We led the last automobile race, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to lead another.

But as Trump says, we’ve some work to do to get to that point. And should we succeed in that endeavor, a whole new world will be opened up, creating new connections worldwide.

Now, you might think all of these ideas, or at least the flying car one, to be a bit far-fetched. But I don’t imagine people listening to John F. Kennedy declaring that we would put a man on the moon to feel much different.

In fact, over the decades, our greatest presidents seem to be those who had some of the most outlandish and innovative ideas. Kennedy, as I already mentioned, was one. Ronald Reagan proposed an end to the Cold War. Lincoln insisted slavery end.

And now Trump is suggesting new cities and flying cars be created.

It’s just another sign he could lead us back to greatness.

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