Tucker Carlson Blasts DC for Caring More About Ukraine’s Borders Than Our Own

Right now, if you turn on any news channel, pick up any newspaper, or tune into any local news radio show, you are likely to see or hear at least something or other about the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. And to be sure, it is big news.

However, more than a few in this nation and elsewhere believe the US shouldn’t be so concerned with what’s going on over there. Instead, perhaps our leaders in Washington, DC, should pay more attention to things that concern our own nation’s borders and the people within them.

Take the fiery Fox News host Tucker Carlson, for instance.

In a recent episode of his show, he made note of this belief. He also questioned why politicians such as Democratic President Joe Biden have practically jumped at the chance to get involved with foreign matters and conflicts. And yet, when it comes to our own borders, particularly our southern one with Mexico, he and his ilk have basically turned a blind eye towards it.

As Tucker calls it, there is an invasion in America as we speak. And it’s been going on for over a year now. Migrants by the thousands have illegally crossed our borders, making their way into our communities, schools, and neighborhoods, taking American jobs, and receiving benefits that hardworking citizens are denied every day.

In addition, they are bringing waves of crime, increased drug use, and the dreaded COVID virus that Biden is so worried about us unvaccinated spreading about.

And yet, when called upon to do something about it, he turns his mind towards the borders of Ukraine instead.

As Carlson says, “the contrast… is pretty hard to miss.” He continued to say that the problem is that for those like Biden and the political left, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a “war crime.” But when the US is invaded by migrants, illegal, criminal, or otherwise, it’s simply “equity.”

This explains quite well why Biden is so willing to bus and even fly unvetted, unmasked, untested, unvaccinated, and undocumented migrants pretty much everywhere in the country. And why hundreds of unvetted Afghan refugees are being let in too.

To help Carlson discuss the point and give a more political view of it, Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance was brought in.

For him, there are two things that America needs to “keep in mind” about these situations.

One is that the very same people who are right now obsessing over what we should do to help Ukraine, a democratic ally of ours, are the very same people who also obsessed over Donald Trump’s supposed “collusion” with Russia for over four years and likely still are.

The second thing to note is that, once again, those people are using the problems overseas as a distraction from the problems they really need to be fixing at home, such as our massive immigration crisis.

As Vance says, “We would be much better served, Tucker – our people would be safer – if we declared the Mexican cartels a terrorist organization, focused on them, and let Ukraine and Russia figure out what’s in Russia and Ukraine’s business.”

And he’s not wrong.

Vance explains that Mexican fentanyl, which is currently being smuggled across our southern border at massive rates, is now the leading cause of death for those ranging from 18 to 45 in America. And yet, Biden has done nothing to stop either it or its handlers from being stopped.

Why? Well, according to Vance, foreign policy establishment members don’t get rich on solving America’s problems, even if they involve nations like Mexico. Instead, they only do so when “America’s sons and daughters die for stupid things.”

You know, like when Biden completely botched our military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving hundreds of our own to their own defenses and essentially sentencing hundreds more to death.

Biden and friends want to say they are furthering democracy by getting involved in these situations. But is that really true when the voices and even lives of our own democracy are being ignored?

As Vance cited, current polling on the Ukraine/Russia incident says that very few Americans think we should really get involved or at least play a major role.

And yet, the Biden administration is unlikely to heed that advice. Instead, he’ll continue ignoring problems here at home to focus on anywhere else.