UK Doing What Biden Won’t and Removing Illegals

Christine Bird /
Christine Bird /

People across the pond in the United Kingdom have grown tired of the illegals turning up on their shores daily. After a recent surge in their arrivals, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has drawn up the “Writing in the Sun,” a plan that is “fair for those at home and those who have a legitimate claim to asylum.” Considering they have gone from 300 illegal crossings of the UK channel in 2018 to 45,000 in 2022, they need to do something.

Under this plan, the home secretary would have a duty to remove those who arrived illegally, and it would take precedence via law over their right to claim asylum, but those under 18 and with extreme medical conditions would have exemptions. Those removed would not be permitted to return to the UK or seek British citizenship in the future.

As it’s written, it’s also retroactive, meaning that no matter when they sign it, it is effective from March 7th and beyond.

As Sunak describes it in a piece for the UK publication, The Sun, the nation has a “proud history of welcoming those most in need” with new measures that are “fair for those at home and those who have a legitimate claim to asylum.”

He continued “Those arriving on small boats aren’t directly fleeing a war-torn country or facing an imminent threat to life. Instead, they have travelled through safe, European countries before crossing the Channel. The fact that they can do so is unfair on those who come here legally and enough is enough.” Later, he added his belief that these plans “send a clear signal that if you come to this country illegally, you will be swiftly removed” and “help break the business model of people smugglers.”

While opponents of this bill have already started coming out of the woodwork, it is hard to deny that gangs, cartels, and organized crime have all had their hands in on this boom. For the people in the UK, the facts are out in the open and impossible to dispute. It’s much the same here in the US.

Yet, President Biden has refused to do anything about it. He is the same voice criticizing the UK PM for taking the steps necessary to secure their small island of a nation. Sharing the same liberal democratic message across the pond, they have called their bill “immoral, ineffective and incredibly costly for taxpayers while doing nothing to stop small boat crossings.” Yet their proposal of doing nothing does in fact do just that- nothing.

Both nations also have legal people, like the UK’s Enver Solomon, chief executive of the Refugee Council who claims it would “shatter the UK’s long-standing commitment under the UN Convention to give people a fair hearing regardless of the path they have taken to reach our shores.”

These messages of taking anyone who shows up are messages that we used to be able to hold true to. Unfortunately, the days of those people who were “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” showing up who just wanted a chance to earn it are long gone.

Instead, these people who are coming here are wanting the tale of being handed everything just for showing up. They hear the stories of those who have everything provided for them by making it here, and it’s enough to reject asylum in multiple other countries on the way here.

Here in the US, they have been unwilling to make the difficult decisions and tell them enough is enough yet. It’s too hard to admit that and make change happen, so they remain quiet on the subject. While we have not seen the percentage of boom that the UK has seen, the actual number of illegals crossing over and asylum seekers far exceeds their worst nightmares. It’s more than disappointing at this point, it has evolved to be deadly. It’s time we find a way to do more than Biden will do.

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