Why Does Costco’s Rotisserie Chicken Suddenly Taste Like Nasty Chemicals & Pool Water?

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calimedia / shutterstock.com

Gross. What’s up with Costco’s rotisserie chicken lately? Don’t get us wrong. We love Costco’s rotisserie chicken. Or at least we used to. The fact that you can walk into your local Costco, flash your membership card, and walk out the door with an entire delicious $5 rotisserie chicken is about the best deal you can find in all of Joe Biden’s freakish trainwreck of an “economy.” But something has gone drastically wrong with this popular food item recently, and it has customers from all across America speaking out suddenly.

Costco’s Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti has bragged within the past year that despite skyrocketing food prices (which are phony imposter Joe Biden’s fault), Costco’s rotisserie chicken has remained just five bucks. May the heavens bless Galanti. Five smackers for a delicious, spit-roasted, golden brown, entire chicken that will feed a family of four is like a gift from the Almighty while struggling to stay afloat in the hot sidewalk garbage known as the “Biden presidency.”

But something has gone horribly awry with Costco’s rotisserie chicken, according to hundreds of diners across the country who weighed in on a Reddit feed the other day. According to these rotisserie chicken fans, the food suddenly tastes like it has a “distinct chemical flavor to it, really off putting.” Others described it as swimming pool water which kindergartners had been urinating in all day. No matter how you describe it – nasty chemicals or dirty pool water – Costco’s rotisserie chicken has been truly gross lately.

The Reddit post was titled, “What’s up with rotisserie chicken lately?” Hundreds of users from across America described their experiences with the formerly delicious chicken, which now has a weird smell and chemical taste to it.

The obvious questions are: “Why? What’s changed?”

The immediate thing that comes to mind is the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. That train crash, which happened as a result of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s alleged negligence, spilled a horrific amount of deadly, toxic chemicals into the groundwater and air in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Residents are waking up with a weird chemical residue on their cars in the morning from New York down to Virginia.

Pets and livestock are dying from the chemical spill/natural disaster, which fake non-elected “president” Joe Biden has still not shown up for. Fish are dying in local streams or rivers. Could the toxic chemicals from this train crash that Team Biden’s incompetence caused be the source of the nasty chemical-smelling and tasting rotisserie chicken at Costco?

At this point, it doesn’t look like it.

One Reddit user remarked that they’ve been noticing the disgusting chemical smell and taste to the rotisserie chicken for at least a year:

“I’ve stopped eating it about a year(?) ago due to the strange chemical taste. I use the Albany, OR store.”

If the nasty chemical smell and taste started a year ago on the West Coast of Oregon, then it definitely wasn’t the East Palestine train derailment from last month.

Then, what’s causing this?

We have one idea. Big pharmaceutical companies have been bragging for months that they’re developing an mRNA vaccine to fight the bird flu (from China) that has been impacting poultry here in the United States. Given the fact that the DNA-altering COVID-19 shots have been causing unprecedented problems in humans, everyone should be wary about injecting the same technology into the food supply.

Did the pharmaceutical companies start injecting poultry with their dangerous and unsafe and ineffective mRNA technology more than a year ago? And has injecting chickens with that experimental technology caused Costco’s delicious rotisserie chicken to start tasting like plastic chemicals and yellow pool water?

These questions are… food for thought.

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