Worst Prime Minister in Western Civilization Resigns Before Tough Reelection Campaign

palam / shutterstock.com
palam / shutterstock.com

New Zealanders are breathing a sigh of relief this week. Jacinda Adern, the most totalitarian Prime Minister in the island nation’s country, is relinquishing power and stepping down 10 months before facing a tough reelection battle. Adern’s departure happens not a moment too soon since New Zealand has basically become a COVID dictatorship on her watch. Individual freedoms have basically vanished since her time in office.

Ardern imposed a strict totalitarian lockdown on Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, for 108 days in 2021. She forced 90% of the citizenry above the age of 12 to become fully “vaccinated” with the unsafe and ineffective mRNA COVID shots. She prohibited neighbors from talking to each other.

None of this happened in a vacuum, however. Prior to bossing everyone around, New Zealand’s “Chief Karen” engaged in two of the largest government-imposed gun confiscations in the country’s history. The old adage is true: Populations are never disarmed because their leaders are benevolent. They disarm their own populations because they want to hurt them.

The first Ardern gun grab happened in 2019, when she banned all semiautomatic rifles, pump action shotguns, and even .22 rifles that hold more than 10 rounds. The government did a “buyback,” but most Kiwis who complied with the gun grab complained that they were not paid a fair amount for their guns which had been criminalized.

The second gun grab happened in 2021, when Ardern banned all semiautomatic pistols with a barrel length of longer than 4 inches. She also banned all pistols that fire bullets “too fast.” At this point, if a New Zealander is caught in possession of these common firearms or even a magazine for one of them faces up to 5 years in prison per violation.

The 2021 law also requires law enforcement to notify a firearm owner’s doctor that they have a gun license from the government. Oh, and it takes 5 years to obtain a license to own one of the few remaining types of guns that are even allowed there.

With all of those restrictions in place, it’s no wonder that New Zealanders rolled over so easily for the absurd COVID restrictions and lockdowns. When you no longer have the power to resist tyranny, that’s what happens.

Ardern gave a speech at the United Nations last September in which she called internet freedom and freedom of speech “weapons of war.” The globalists at the UN loved it. Shut those little people up before they criticize us for anything!

When she finally announced the lifting of COVID restrictions in New Zealand, Ardern proudly announced that anyone who was vaccinated could participate in orgies, so long as the group contained no more than 25 people. That actually happened.

In one of her most recent acts of tyranny, Ardern sent the cops to medically kidnap a baby from a young couple. The baby needed heart surgery, and the parents requested that doctors only use a blood transfusion for the operation if it comes from an unvaccinated donor. They even had a couple of dozen willing donors lined up. Calling them “conspiracy theorists” for that perfectly reasonable request, Ardern sent the cops to take custody of the baby, so the surgery could be performed with vaccinated spike protein blood.

Ardern had tears in her eyes when she announced that she was quitting ten months early. Not because she has destroyed the lives and freedoms of her people. She was crying because she was giving up power. She knows that her party is going to get shellacked in the next New Zealand election, because the voters hate them. Her departure couldn’t possibly come sooner for the poor people of New Zealand who have suffered under her totalitarian rule.